Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blanca Soto and Fernando Colunga: main characters of "Porque el Amor Manda"

Univision Studios (partnered with Venevision) helped the talented Blanca Soto become a household name after the success of the novela "Eva Luna". "Eva Luna" was Univision Studios' first novela and it was a major hit. With Blanca Soto on their side, Univision Studios again partnered with Venevision and attempted to recreate the success of "Eva Luna" with their second novela: "El Talisman". This attempt, however, was a failure as after only a couple of weeks in primetime, the soap-opera was moved to Univision's daytime schedule. Blanca Soto, is a talented actress and mexican producer, Juan Osoria, has noticed her talented and has now given her the opportunity to co-star with the very talented Fernando Colunga on his new production: "Porque el Amor Manda". Although, this production is produced in Mexico, such soap-opera will eventually make it to the United States through Univision. Let's hope this new production is a success and for those living here in the United States, we will have to wait until Univision decides to pick it up and feature it in their programming line up.

Below is an interview that was featured on Univision's hit gossip/entertainment show: "El Gordo y La Flaca"

Credit: Univision Network, El Gordo y La Flaca

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